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2011 Sti Hatch
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Default ~ 2011 STI Hatch ~

Well I'll start from the beginning..
I bought the car from Ford Ciocca bargan lot in PA on 12/22/2015 for $30,923(after interest and power train warranty). The car had 84,861 miles.The guy was a true salesman and I totally overpaid for my rust bucket. The car was 100% stock and carfax says it was originally from the Massachusetts area.

So I make it home and right off the bat I change the oil soon realizing the previous owner clearly did not do routine oil changes. Looked like Hershey syrup trickling out the pan. So I changed the oil a few times in the next few weeks to try and get all that junk out and it seemed to work.Next I sourced a accessport off of Craigslist, it was advertised as unmarried but turns out it was still married to his car. This could have went really bad for me considering Cobb charges a boat load to reset an Accessport. So I email this kid and turns out he wrecked his car. So I ask for the insurance paperwork to show Cobb. The next day I get all the paper work and I send it straight to a Cobb rep who then emails me a program that resets it. Got super lucky!!

Other then the accessport I ran a downpipe, a catback and Cobb intake for a long while, probably 3 1/2 years or so on the OTS stage 2+ map. The only issues I had were a bad thermostat, power steering rack, and I had a few fender benders.

First one I hit a deer, had to replace the passenger side headlight, door, fender, and rear quarter. Next I hit a piece of metal on the highway, had the passenger side rocker replaced. Last I rear-ended someone who break checked me, luckily swerved and didn't total the car but destroyed the whole driver's side front bumper to rear bumper, sideswipe basicly.

At this point in the cars life the motor was getting tired (175k) and it was a sad day when it blew up on the highway, pulled off and called for help.
Brought the car to Precision Tuning in spotswood NJ, around march 2019. This was my only car at the time and I needed it back quick so I brought it to a local Subaru shop. Unfortunately they had issues finding a used motor that didn't have problems. I think they went through 3 motors that all had knock before deciding to just put a new factory shortblock in it. At this point it had already been 4 or 5 months at the shop.

Finally the car was ready. Rich did an awesome job and gave me a great deal because it took so much longer then anticipated.
The build:
Factory ej257 and vf48
Agency unequal headers, 1320 up pipe, Invidia catless downpipe, Invidia N1

Cobb intake, Perrin turbo inlet
Cobb ebcs
IAG Tgv deletes
AEM 340 fuel pump, Aeromotive fuel regulator, IAG rails, ID 1050x injectors

Car made 325 hp 345wtq on the dyno jet at Precision tuning.

I drove the car till the summer of 2020, put 8k on the new motor then bought a 2000 buick century as a beater for the time being. My plan is to rebuild the car again, this time in my driveway. I got the itch for more juice.
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