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Originally Posted by anthonyfur View Post
thanks armin i appreciate that. yea it is tuff but my car is black and i really wanna get better at shooting black cars for that reason lol. yea thats wat i was going for, a ominous/dark kinda scary theme or watever ahha.

so should i just bring lighten up the shadows more so there not so dark?
actually i was using a 35-70mm f4 lens, and i think the softness of the silver car is because of the merging of the photos maybe? cuz my whole car seems more focused than the silver one..
I hear ya And yeah, I would definitely lighten up the shadows, and honestly I don't even think an HDR is really warranted in this situation. Since black and silver (at least in a parking garage) are inherently dark already, there really isn't a high dynamic range to bring out in this situation. If the car was white or yellow, I can definitely see it more probable. I'd be curious to see what you (or I) could do with just standard RAW file in Aperture Priority Mode with the lowest f-stop you got (which I would assume to be f/4).

One thing I should mention too is that a lot of lenses aren't very sharp at the wide open end of the range. Typically, it's not until you get to the really expensive pro-level lenses where you can get ultimate sharpness wide open. Even my 85mm f/1.8, which by far is my sharpest lens, isn't the sharpest wide open at f/1.8...if I stop it down to f/2.2 or f/2.8, it's tack-sharp, but f/1.8 can be a little soft, depending on the situation. On the other hand, my 17-55mm and 70-200mm are both stupid sharp wide open at f/2.8, but even still they're not as sharp as my 85mm at the same aperture.
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