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Default 15+ WRX Motor failure roll call!

Saw this idea on Facebook, so I dusted off my username and thought V should post this...

A lot of FA20's are dying under mysterious circumstances on dynos and streets across the country and a list would be very useful to try and determine what is at fault or at least find some pattern.

Post up Modifications, i.e. engine management, modifications, fuel, circumstances and what actually failed in the motor. Try to keep it short and concise as possible, this is meant to be a list not a novel.

If you got logs post'em too.

Post the tuners name?... Well that's your decision, but I don't think it's necessary to do so.

Here is the template:

Actual engine failure:

I'll go first and post about my stock 15 WRX

1. Vader:
Model/Year: 2015 WRX
Milage: 10k miles
EM: Cobb AP stage 1 OTS
Mods: Stock
Fuel: 91 octane
Oil:Subaru 5W30
Circumstances:On dyno about to get a stage 1 protune, tuner was getting a baseline did 3 pulls then said something didn't feel right, power dropped off on third pull, no knock events. At idle cylinder 3 was rough, at 2000 rpm cylinder 3 was very rough and the exhaust smelled like rotten eggs.
Actual engine failure: Cylinder 3 ring land failure, catalytic converter clogged or turned.

2. ThaCoyote:
Model/Year:15 WRX
Milage:47xx miles
EM: Cobb AP E-Protune
Mods: ETS Intake, Invidia Tbe, grimmspeed 3port Ebcs, Clark Turner E85 E-Tune
Fuel: E85 (ethanol percentage not exactly known)
Oil:Eneous sustina oil Hks oil filter
Circumstances:Car blew up on dyno on 3rd pull. 1st pull it made 340/380 went on 3rd pull car was not being dyno by Clark it appears to of leaned out I'm assuming the fuel pump caused this issue rod went through the block and split in half when it split it caused minor damage to the heads.
Actual engine failure: Unknown at this time / inconclusive

3. Paprocjo:
Model/Year: 2015 WRX
Milage: 21k miles
EM: Cobb AP, Protune
Mods: ETS Intake/Extreme Catback Exhaust, Killer B Motorsports JPipe and I Pipe (Both Catless), GS EBCS, IAG TGV Deletes
Fuel: 93 octane, Costco Top Tier Gas station
Oil:Subaru 5W30
Circumstances:On dyno doing regular pull
Actual engine failure: Not confirmed.

4. psyclobe:
Model/Year: 2015 WRX Base
Milage: 17630
EM: Cobb AP
Mods: IAG AOS/ETS Intake/ETS Intercooler/ETS Turbo Back Exhaust/TGV Deletes/ProTune/Grimmspeed 3 port/Mishimoto radiator
Fuel: Propel E85
Oil: ENEOS 5w-40
Circumstances: Highway pull in 6th gear WOT
Actual engine failure: Piston linkage to rod shattered (was not low on oil)

5. Berkalurk:
Model/Year: 2015 wrx limited with nav/hk and push start
Mileage: 7000
EM: None / stock
Mods: None / stock
Fuel: 93 octane
Oil: dealership changed Subaru 5W30
Circumstances: was parked all day. No CEL. Came to car after work and wouldn't crank. Towed to dealership.
Actual engine failure: was told that the engine was seized despite being full on oil. Long block was taken out and shipped to SoA. New long block from SoA put in. Currently is back at dealership for slow long cranks.

6. Silentblack:
Model/Year: 2015 base wrx
Milage: 10,000
EM: oem (stock)
Mods: stock
Fuel: 91
Oil: oem subaru oil (5w30?)
Circumstances: Driving my car on the highway when I experienced a loss in power and what I thought was a boost leak.
Parked it key off/on check engine light was now on.
Limped my car home about 40 miles. Time I got to my road I knew something major was wrong. Car ended up dying right at my driveway, and had to push it into the garage.
Actual engine failure: Was told "high boost at low rpm" and "cylinder 3 had let go."
Also to note I was missing a lot of coolant, so headgasket too?

7. alpertbrown:
Model/Year:2015 wrx base
EM: oem
Mods: all stock
Fuel: cali 91
Oil: oem
Circumstances: exited freeway made a turn saw a light at an intersection turning yellow sped up a bit to make it, felt like i hit fuel cut (ie just about any toyota turbo engine when overboosting) lots of lights on the dash car died, pulled over. looked at the engine, i saw no rods sticking out or any leaking fluids, started her right up and got a definite rod knock plus check engine light. got the car towed back home will check in with dealership in the morning. car was properly broken in per subaru manual recommendation. the only thing i can think of was that i purchased the car brand new from subaru but it had 80 miles on it, so some subaru techs and test drivers prolly drove the **** out of it.
Actual engine failure: not really sure this just happened on the way home from picking up my brother in law from the airport

8. sidesleeper:
Model/Year: 2015 WRX 6spd manual
Milage: 4500 miles
EM: Cobb AP stg 1
Mods: Stock OEM
Fuel: 91
Oil: Stock OEM
Circumstances: Tuner was on the dyno, doing the last pull on a custom stage 1 Protune and all of a sudden, around 5500 RPM the cars power starting giving out and the tuner let off, at that time water temps were normal at 90 deg C, Dyno fans were on, A/F was proper, No knock events, 16 psi boost. A second later after the tuner let off and was coasting down the water temp shot up to 108 deg C and the car died, water coming out the exhaust.
Actual engine failure: Water pump seized, caused the engine to overheat and blew a head gasket that allowed coolant to go into the combustion chamber and hydrolocked the engine. No one knows why the internal water pump seized, but it is a new design, so who knows.

9. asspirin
Model/Year:2015 WRX Premium
Milage: 19xxx
EM: K&N drop-in filter
Mods: Stock
Fuel: 91
Oil: Dealership changed
Circumstances: Noticed severe power loss under medium acceleration, hard engine clicking sounds, but seemed to only be under boost. Brought it in, was told that the #3 cylinder spark plug had melted. (wtf?) They replaced all the plugs and the problem went away for a while, but came back just as bad a few days later. Brought it back in, they had to replace the short block. Been okay since then.
Actual engine failure: Blown short block on piston 3, melted #3 spark plug.

10. luden9219
Model/Year: 2015 WRX
Milage: ~10k
EM: Cobb AP, etune
Mods: ETS intake, Grimmspeed EBCS, Grimmspeed catless J-Pipe, stock CBE.
Fuel: 93 - Mobil 1
Oil: Dealership changed
Circumstances: I noticed loss of power and confirmed on virtual dyno. Contacted tuner to see if he could find a reason. His reply was something on the car was fighting him and it couldnt be diagnosed thru email as logs looked good. I was seeing a little knock (-2.81) around 5500rpm but it quickly went away. Went to local tune shop to see if they could find anything. Put it on dyno to get a baseline and boom.
Actual engine failure: Ringland failure is what I was told. New longblock.

11. Moto-East
Model/Year:2015 WRX
EM: Ecutek?
Circumstances: ?
Actual engine failure: #1 piston cracked in two

12. SD2015
Model/Year: 2015 WRX
Milage: Roughly 9K
EM: Cobb AP, Protune was in progress

13. Hail2TheThief
Model/Year: 2015
Milage: 30k km
EM: none
Mods: none
Fuel: 91 octane
Oil: Subaru stealership oil
Circumstances: Daily driving. Started detonating (sounded like popcorn), Subaru upgraded firmware at 2nd oil change (no more popcorn), between 2nd and 3rd oil change it ate 3.5 liters of oil. Started oil consumption test, 1400km in it ate 1.6Liters of oil and miss fire engine code.
Actual engine failure: Car has been at dealer for 3 weeks! Was just told they got approval to replace short block. Compression down on at least one cylinder.

14. iamdaspoon
Model/Year: 2015 WRX Base 6spd
EM: Cobb, Dual map dyno tune
Mods: Mishimoto intake, Mishimoto FMIC, Grimmspeed EBCS, Invidia catless TBE, TGV, EGR.
Oil: 5w30 redline synthetic
Circumstances: 1-2-3rd gear pull merging onto empty highway when motor started making VERY loud clacking noises respective to my rpm.
Actual engine failure: Tuner/shop says its likely a spun bearing or bent rod. Awaiting a full tear down.

15. nofear72784
Model/Year:2015 WRX Limited
Mods: Pro-tuned, Mishi Intake, Verticooler, tgv del, 3" catless
Fuel: 93
Oil: Subaru
Circumstances: Reported issues of oil consumption since new, was told it was "within spec" 1 quart every 3k. Going 40mph at 15% TP and -4 inHG. Check engine light and cruise light came on them immediate loud "POP" and car died. Opened hood to find a hole in the block. Before the oil change car went 2800 to Florida without issue besides oil consumption.
Actual engine failure: Been at the dealership since Dec 26. Authorized 3.5k for engine teardown since SOA would not cover anything. First, fuel quality was blamed, then oil level (1k since subaru did the LOF) STILL awaiting an "official" cause of failure from a field engineer. Freeze frame data showed sudden loss of oil pressure with cam actuator codes. When engine was pulled the block had a 6" hole on top and a fracture that went around the circumference of the block from #2 rod. Cyl 3 and 4 ring land failure. Dealership want's 16k for a new long block. Failure has been escalated to the regional representative for review. Coming up on 1
month without a vehicle.

16. Sschmuve
Model/Year:2015 WRX
Milage:29,500 miles
EM:Cobb Accessport with Clark Turner e- tune
Mods:ETS intake, Invidia catted j-pipe, TurboXS exhaust
Fuel:91 ACN
Oil:Mobil1 oil
Circumstances:Knocked during full throttle pull. Misfire cyl #4 caused by bent plug (0 gap). Replaced plug, reflashed to prior map revision. A couple weeks later, same scenario, closed gap on plug 4, but this time a tapping noise appeared and persisted. Subaru 100% goodwill warranty (Thank God) after 2.5 months at the dealer. Replaced with new complete engine.
Actual engine failure: All four pistons had cracked/broken skirts. Also, #4 ringland
Then immediately traded for a '16 Golf R. I no longer had faith in that engine.

17. fl1p
Model/Year:2015 WRX
EM:Tuned by me, reviewed and tweaked by three different Cobb PROTuners
Mods:Catted turboback, EGR, AOS, TGV, TMIC
Fuel:93 Exclusively
Oil:Penzoil Ultra Plat 5w30, OEM Filters
Circumstances:4th gear road pull
Actual engine failure:Spun bearing (not sure which yet, will report when we know) Updated: Spun main bearing
Build Thread:

18. KillerBMotorsport? post#629

19. SubieProud86
Model/Year:15 WRX 6 spd
EM: Cobb AP Stage 2 Protune
Mods: Grkmmspeed EBCS, cobb intake, turboback from invidia
Fuel: 93
Oil:manufacturer recommended
Circumstances:Car blew up on Dyno. Tune was pretty much done just doing 2 more pulls to make minor adjustments. Heard a loud boom...fluid on the bottom
Actual engine failure: rod failure...pis ton screamed helped. Still grieving to this day. No longer Sube proud

20. EdWRX
Model/Year:2016 WRX Premium
EM: Stock
Circumstances: Took a family trip, when I get off the highway and into a stop light, white smoke coming from the engine, engine never overheated, but radiator cracked and all the coolant was on the pavement. I'm pissed that a car so new can be so unreliable.
Actual engine failure: Still waiting what the dealership is gonna say. I'm still under the "5 day money back guaranteed", I might just drop that one there and get another car.

21. Goostavo
Model/Year: 2016 Premium 6 speed
Milage: 9200
EM: Stock
Mods: Nameless muffler deletes
Fuel: 91
Oil: OEM 5w-30
Circumstances: Motor knocking @ 1500-3000 RPM, low throttle application, no CEL.
Actual engine failure: Spun bearing on cylinder #2, piston damaged cylinder wall. Short block replaced. After short block replacement, coolant, oil and fuel leaks in engine bay. SOA is purchasing back the vehicle.

22. Nick2012
Model/Year: 2015 Base WRX
Milage: 18000
EM: Cobb AP
Mods: Protuned, PW TMIC, TGV deletes, EGR delete, IAG AOS
Fuel: E85 Mix
Oil: Penzoil Platinum full synthetic 5w-30
Circumstances: high rpm pull snapped a connecting rod, no official diagnosis. Did tear down myself
Actual engine failure: Not confirmed.

23. psyclobe.... again! :-(
I have the dubious honor of posting twice in this thread!
Model/Year: 2015 WRX base
Milage: 21,447 (~3.5k on new IAG stage 3 block)
Mods: See: link on post #773
Fuel: 91
Oil: Driven DT-40 5w40
Circumstances: Ever since car was back together after the new build, I would always have random rough idles, and/or p0300. I had also had p000a which was solved by replacing the oil solenoids. Anyway I was e-tuning back and forth with my etuner after block break in, until one day doing a slightly hard drive in 3rd through 4th entering freeway onramp in 106F weather, significant engine power loss was felt (Accompanied by knock on the AP), black smoke out the rear, and engine died while I was coasting to the side of the freeway. Upon inspection of engine bay, oil dip stick shot out and oil sprayed out from there. Car now turns over but does not start (and turns over rather slowly).
Actual engine failure: Not confirmed.

24. 2015wrxwrb
Model/Year: 2015 WRX
Milage: 31k Miles
EM: Cobb AP + Brentuning E-tune
Mods:Turbo XS Catless J Pipe, EBCS, TBG Delete
Oil: Mobil 1 Advanced Syn. 5w30
Circumstances: Bogging down and cloud of smoke after 1/4 mile run
Actual engine failure: Piston head melted, 0 pressure on cylinder 2.

And many more! This thread has become too large to get all the data out easily.
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