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I'm running my ver6 sti swap on the EMS 4, at first i hated it, then learned the little trick to getting the timing errors right...which made me even more mad when i found out how simple it was lol

I will say... I LOVE THE EMS-4....but no really, if i could i would sleep with it.

if you do really want to get an ems-4 i can toss you my map as a start up only map (*read...don't drive on it)

as far as control, you get everything, my favorite being 2 step launch control, and rally style anti lag for when you're at the strip (full boost between shifts) and traction control for the rain, and boost by gear.

for commuting it has another great feature, boost by TPS input, i don't know about you, but if i give my car 1/4 throttle to keep up with traffic speeding up some, i don't want my vf28 throwing 15psi out which it does easily. the AEM will let you program in that 1/4 throttle gives me whatever i want, in this case 8psi waste it save gas on my 45mile drive in the morning.

for the sneaky part in you, i have mine setup for scramble boost. a little switch will turn the feature on. basically if you are in a race, and the car you are up against is faster than you initially thought you flip the switch and run however much more boost you desire.
i run 15psi normally and 19 when the switch is on.

as far as bang for buck, its great, i got my EMS-4 with the 96" flying lead harness, and managed to dump about 14 pounds of wires that the factory had in there. It cleaned it up alot to, got rid of the spaghetti bird nest of OEM harness, i have every single wire going through one hole in the firewall now.

another thing that is really good that it has over the piggybacks and mega squirt and emanage and such is a boost corrective fuel enrichment table. it doesn't really make it better that anything else when things are perfect working order, but when you do have something potentially catastrophic a vacuum line pop off a wastegate thus sending your boost to the moon. the ecu will automatically throw in more fuel for the psi that you are at until you hit your self specified boost cut. This also helps out with atmospheric changes like barometric pressure and humidity affecting the density of the air being ingested into the engine.

p.s. ALOT of people don't like it because they don't understand it, being brutally honest here, this is sooooo much more open ended than a cobb, or greddy, or utec or a little chip with a flash (hydra,vipec,motec,bosch being excluded). basically, you gotta know what the F*** you're REALLY know.

just my .02
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