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Quick Update -

Car is doing good, but if you saw the download video from Thunderhill East and hopefully you caught the section where I talk about tire wear, then you know I got a tire wear issue. While the Nankangs are great tires, there was some unacceptable wear during the 20-30 laps thrown down at the track day.

Immediately coming home, I spent the last few days shooting some emails and making phone calls. I have to get to the root of the problem, because the tire wear we saw is unsustainable. As much as I love beating the **** out of the car, I can't afford to keep buying tires for it and realistically something is wrong.

My first call was to Wyatt at Motion Control Suspension. I can't reiterate how freaking awesome this company is. I get Wyatt on the phone, and I start asking about whether or not this is a rebound issue with the coilover. He shoots that idea down immediately. He thinks its a spring rate issue. Currently the car rides on 650/700 springs (front/rear), and he thinks the car is rolling and pitching to much in the corners. Because of this roll and pitch, I'm unintentionally compensating with camber and tire pressure. His suggestion, move my spring rate to 850/900 (front/rear).

I think this makes sense. If I'm honest, the car has a STUPID amount of camber in it. I've also always needed to run high tire pressures which from my homework says I'm over by maybe 4-5 psi. However, it just seemed to be what I needed to run.

My next call was to the company I purchased the tires from. They've been around the game for a long while, and specialize in sticky tires for hpde/trackday applications. Their answer was not so enlightening. Essentially I was told that I'm not letting the tire warm up, and that I'm sliding the tire too much. They also said they would contact Nankang and ask on my behalf.

My issue with this answer is multi-fold. I know what a warmed up sticky tire feels like, and I know what a cold tire feels like. Given the ambient temperatures at the track 95F+ the tires warmed up FAST. It never felt like I didn't have grip and I never experienced the tire letting go suddenly when it wasn't expected. On top of that, I don't fancy myself an aggressive driver. Personally, I think I'm reserved. I don't slide the car, and if the car pushes, I immediately wait for it to come back to me. So, I'm kinda just tabling the info I got from the tire distributor on the back just doesn't jive with me.

Lastly, I tried to get a hold of Nankang themselves. Unfortunately with these companies its not so easy. The AR1 is not listed on any of the US Nankang websites. If I called any of these US based divisions, they'd likely have no clue what I'm talking about. I tried reaching out to Nankang UK, which is where these tires have been selling for a few years now. The response was, less than ideal. The rep completely missed my question about the wear on the groove and just told me to lower my pressures. I've sent a follow up email clarifying my questions in an attempt to see what they say.

In the meantime, a new set of springs have been ordered and the car is registered for to return to Laguna Seca at the end of October. I've also ordered the most aggressive front pad Gloc makes for the car. Laguna was tough on the R16 pads the last time we were there, so hopefully the R18 pads will take the heat better.

Oh and here is the full session 4 video from the track day. This would be the session I decide that its too hot, and the tires are starting to slide. You can judge for yourself if I'm an aggressive slide the car everywhere driver.

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