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Originally Posted by Ruzty1311 View Post
Yea he was wasn't he? I can't stand people who have to comment like that...anywho...It all depends on the roads where you live. A good tire size that everyone seems to run when going with rims that wide is 245/40/18 or even 235/40/18 BUT from what i've read most people had to do some type of fender rolling. IF you think ur rims can handle 235/35/18 and your roads aren't that bad, you can go that route's a pretty skinny tire though so the risk of rims gettin bent is higher Good Luck! Much love from a REAL subaru enthusiast
Well I live in NYC so of course the roads r *****ty. My fenders and quarter panels are already rolled but I just don't want to start pulling fenders n quarters and all stuff like that.. Of course I take some turns and try to avoid potholes but sometimes u just gotta eat the potholes. So 235/40/18 is a beefy good size to go low (in front) and can handle bumps? I say "low (in front)" because I'm raising the back for when people ride in the back seat.. I don't mean to come off like a complete newb but I don't wanna go through another hassle with fitment again ya know? I appreciate ur help
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