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Originally Posted by 2slofouru View Post
I understand how sound works, maybe not much about tuning of the engine, but there are common rules that govern sound waves.

Like already mentioned, these aftermarket Subaru exhaust systems are relatively easy for any company to pump out.

It's not a complex problem,.

There are many resonators and universal mufflers one can buy and experiment with.

The concept is relatively simple to me,
I hate to sound cliché, but if it's so easy, why doesn't one exist? We gave it a shot, and I'd like to think we've got some decent knowledge with these engines, turbos, and the science behind the exhaust system.

Originally Posted by 2slofouru View Post
and while you can say costs for development would be ridiculous, I've seen several people design and sell headers that were basically designed with primaries similar or a good bit larger than oem, then bolted on to see how they affected performance.
It's hard not to beat the very inefficient OEM manifold. I saw one made from galvanized tube with bubble gum welds perform better than OEM. My point being, if you're shooting for better than OEM, it's not hard to do.

We on the other hand we shooting for the fence, and I think we can confidently say our header is the highest power producing header you can get for a Subaru; based on shop independent and customers doing their own testing and comparisons. Our customers are not the budget minded, but those looking for no compromise quality and performance.

Originally Posted by 2slofouru View Post
There are a lot of important things that go into how those headers work, and yours are the most well thought out in my opinion, but you can't deny companies build them and sell on the marketing scheme alone.
Absolutely. If you make a pile of poo sound good, people would buy it... because it's good poo, it's what the internet said

Originally Posted by 2slofouru View Post
since the GEN2 gtx turbo has to be special ordered anyway.
Special order? We order them just like the older Gen I

Originally Posted by 2slofouru View Post

On the subject of your spoolinator adapter, what type of gasket is that?

How long to you project that gasket will last?

What type of material is it, if you don't mind the question?
This gasket was used on the first 5 or so kits IIRC. It was CGM and lasted... well I've never seen one needing to be replaced and they are reusable. Fortunately, we made some subtle tweaks so no gasket is necessary.

Originally Posted by Nick411 View Post
So you know the exact parasitic power loss of this particular drivetrain? Or are you using the "general rule of thumb" that is 20% for AWD systems with stock weight wheels, stock drivetrain bushings, stock weight flywheel, stock weight driveshaft, and stock fluids?
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