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I think the GT28 and GT30 compressor wheels may be interchangeable as far as fitting on the shaft and having the correct dimensions. Between GT30 and GT35, the thru bore geometry is slightly different. So the 76mm wheel on the GTX3076 is not interchangeable with the 76mm wheel on the GTX3576.

So I think in theory, you can take the compressor housing, backplate, and 67mm compressor wheel from the GTX2867 and put all that on the GT30 turbine wheel. But then the issue is balancing as all the GTX28-35 stuff is high speed VSR balanced.

Or just ask the distributors for a gen 2 GTX3067 and if there is enough demand, Garrett will make it. Garrett stopped making the 3067 because of lack of demand. Which is silly because really any application using the 2867 should be on the 3067, nearly identical same spool, 25whp more power. The only reason I see to use the 2867 is if keeping the T2 flanged internally wastegated turbine housing. If going to a v-band turbine housing, should automatically step up to the 3067. Heck, you can't get a twin-scroll turbine housing for the 2867, so the 3067 in a twin-scroll housing should spool faster and make more power too. Anyway.....
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