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Originally Posted by climbhigh09 View Post're certainly right. I ran a FFT on the wave forms as well (at idle, so it shifts a bit at cruise), and the nameless was a bit higher tone (maybe 100-300Hz on average), but not enough that the Db levels couldn't be compared with each other.
I'd be interested in knowing how it looks throughout the rev range. Idle is rarely an issue for me. Cruising is where it becomes a problem. A plot of dB, frequency and engine RPM would be very nice to see!

Originally Posted by climbhigh09 View Post
That's certainly possible, though at first glance of the physical characteristics not very sensical. I'd love to go back to the Nameless. All I know... no CEL without it. I have a road-tune in the works, maybe that will correct everything to the degree that the Nameless is happy again.

Either way, I'd expect the WG to be sufficient for my run-of-the-mill setup.
Comparing a suitcase muffler of unknown internal design (Q300) vs. two tiny 5" cans on the Nameless? I think I'd guess that the Nameless would flow better. The pipes may be smaller with the Nameless setup, but I'd have to guess that the muffler is a much larger restriction.

And as for how it actually performs; if you see overboost with one and not the other, then I would hypothesize that the one that is overboosting is flowing better. A tune may be able to fix it.

The wastegate being "enough" for your setup is kind of backwards. The wastegate's job is to hold back the turbo from spinning out of control. The more "tame" your setup (ie. less boost), the harder the wastegate has to work. At 20psi your tiny internal wastegate is being required to flow much more air than my large 44mm EWG needs to flow (at 27psi).

Originally Posted by climbhigh09 View Post
Me too, they guys were great on the phone and 100% willing to support their product. I didn't know they outsourced the y's. too bad they don't look better, as Nameless is responsible for it at the end of the day.

Sorry for the (now) official thread jack, it's been a slow day at work.
Oh well. I don't mind. I had a bunch of stuff to post, but I don't want to interrupt this discussion...
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