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Originally Posted by texas05sti View Post
Awesome run Ripler, wish I had been down there to see it. Hopefully I'll be in the shootout come October. There will hopefully be at least 3 Subarus on top of the 200mph mark. (I'm not gonna come in here and lay down any more after-race challenges cause I've missed the last 4 races )

Really am glad it finally all worked out, as helpful as you are to the rest of us you deserve to be on top.
Thanks, man.

That's probably a good idea on the challenges. I'd hate to have to bring up that lawnmower.

Originally Posted by stevenh View Post
Hey, I'm pretty sure we met a few years back at Kingpin when you were trying to get this car ready for the mile event... Its good to see you have it all sorted out. Congrats on the great numbers!
Oof, memories. I almost lost this car to them. It took another 6mo or so to get the car working again after I got it back. I've really tried to black out that period in my car's history.

...but yeah, we probably did meet. 'sup!

Originally Posted by TDagen View Post
That vp M1 is really some jet fuel eh? 4:1 afr 3 gallons a mile omg that's just guzzling the stuff bahaha! Sick! Btw what's the IDC's running the M1 with the 2200cc's?
No idea on the IDCs. I can't trust the AEM on meth. We were seeing 140-160% on the dyno, and started to get concerned even though the fuel kept coming. AEM said "Yeah, that happens with meth. Some people see 200%+." They sent us another base map, and it started reading more reasonably. I still don't trust the numbers. All I know is that we can add fuel, and it still gets richer. I'd have to hook up a scope while on the dyno to see real numbers, and I just haven't taken the time (or spent the money) to do that.

The ID2000s are pushing about 2500cc as we have it set.

Originally Posted by DJSuperSoul View Post
What do you guys run for safety equipment?
Not enough, but more than the GT-Rs.

The rules for >190 can be found on

I'm pretty convinced that >200, a parachute would be a good thing to have. It's on my todo list.

Originally Posted by Homemade WRX View Post
Aaaaaalmost into the 200mph club!! congrats

so I'm going to guess at least 200mph is the goal for October?

The entry fee's are $100 a day, right?
Yes, on all counts.

Originally Posted by CKxx View Post
That's really cool. Would lowering the car more help in this situation?
Probably, but I'm still on the stock gear box, and I'm using tall tires to increase gearing. It can't really go much lower as it is.

Originally Posted by cnstman View Post
do they happen to give you 1/2 mile mph as well?

No, just the car number, time stamp, and mph over the last 132ft. I know I had already run out 5th to 8K, and was into 6th at 1/2mi.
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