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Originally Posted by vision.dynamix View Post
Ive been wanting to get back in as a play once a month just so Im doing something active thing.

Any BTS shots of your Product shots? The Ego shot was 2 lights (butterfly setup) with a grey background, but even with a white background I cant gget it as clean.
I played the last two seasons of the Vicious Series and now I'm ranked really high D3 or low D2. Either way I can't play anything locally, so it's at least 8hrs to any event. Hardly worth my time anymore. I still go out to practice once in a while though.

Here's a really old BTS shot. They're all done with a similar setup. Usually one light at a 3/4 angle and pointed slightly down. The other is straight off to the side and parallel the ground. This is the one that really kill the shadows and fills the background.

The bottom left is SOOC. You can see that the background is pretty white, but a little clean up is left to get rid of a few more shadows. In this case I had to fill in a couple sections that weren't on the background.

Now I have an adjustable backdrop stand and I use large sheets of various colors and finishes (usually white for products). But the lighting setup is still basically the same. Camera and flashes are manually set. The flashes usually have equal power between them.
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