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Originally Posted by Snow Drift View Post
Every sedan needs to fit at least 4 real people (6ft) and their stuff. If it doesn't, then make it a 2 door, 2 seater.

Tell that to the people who coined the oxy-moronic term "4-door-coupe"

Get them to rescind that stupid concept

And bring back 2-door coupes even more.

And I wholly disagree with you that every car with 2-doors needs to have only two seats.

I have owned 3 coupes and 1 convertible... only the convertible has been a 2-seater. A 2+2 is more practical, even just to put parcels in the back seats, rather than people... but people can fit back there in a pinch, especially if they aren't full grown adults.

How many nuclear families have 4 full-sized adults? A percentage that have adolescent children still in the house. Children can fit in 2-door 2+2 coupes, and sleek sedans with lower rear rooflines, and less legroom than a Bentley, and once the kids are driving themselves, and especially off on their own, the parents are back down to 2 adults.

Most families with older children drive larger vehicles... as that pertains to Subarus, that means Legacy, Outback, or Tribeca... or some other brand that offers something even bigger like a minivan, full size van, or full size SUV.

The Impreza is not the car that a family with grown children should be choosing, at least not for a primary car. Some cars are secondary cars, commuters, or cars for people with smaller sized family members, or fewer members.

I can count on less than one hand how many times I have had adult passengers in my Legacy, besides my wife and myself, and I have owned that car since 2007. And all three times, my wife and my mother sat in the rear seats, and fit just fine... while my father and I sat in the front seats and were also comfortable. I am 6'2", and my father is 6'4". The fourth time, my brother and his wife came along instead, and were accommodated just as well, and my brother is 6'5".

Why should I have to buy a car the size of the 2010 Legacy/Outback, or a Tribeca, just because OTHER PEOPLE claim to need more space?

The Impreza is not supposed to be that big. If you NEED something that big, then it is your RESPONSIBILITY to buy a product that fits your needs.

If you want the Impreza 4-door to be that big... then HOW DARE ANYONE suggest that I shouldn't be allowed to buy a 2-door 2+2 coupe, if you guys are going to demand that the 4-door is going to be bigger than I, or ANYONE ELSE without 4 adult-size passengers need it to be.

How dare anyone suggest that I am making this all about me... when you are making it all about you. How dare anyone suggest that Subaru shouldn't explore product diversity for people who don't need behemoth cars, because it might not appeal to absolutely everyone who might need large cars... THAT SUBARU ALREADY BUILDS.

I am not speaking just for me. I am speaking for ANYONE who wants a car that isn't too big for their purposes. I am speaking for anyone who wants a good, yet space-efficient car that doesn't weigh more, take up more space, have larger frontal area, and generally be too much car than they need.

I thought SUVs were being absolutely LAMBASTED because people drive them around with no passengers, and how dare they be so wasteful and inefficient.

Yet here I am trying to advocate for NOT being wasteful, by buying only as big of a car as I need. And that is bigger than the Miata I already have, and smaller than the 2010 Legacy that I don't like or need.

Impreza is supposed to be that car. NOT just a legacy by another name. If you have irrational mandates that every 4-door should fit 4 adults, and any 2-door should be tiny... I disagree, and I live in the segment between those two points.

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