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Originally Posted by GUIL-BOT View Post
This is really weird:
When I brake my car pull to the left.
When I let my car go w/out brake or gas, it's pull to the left.
When I accelerate, the steering pull to the right ( makes the car go straight)
There are a lot of reasons this might happen. Out of curiosity, what offset are those wheels? Some things that might make the car pull as you describe include:
- Some kind of tire problem. One corner over- or under-inflated.
- Mis-matched front camber settings
- Bent front suspension part
- Mis-matched toe settings

I'd have the alignment re-checked first, then try to track down other causes. Assuming the alignment is good, swap front tires to see if that changes anything.

Originally Posted by Uncle Scotty View Post
you got WAY too much camber and its too low already
Subjective. It's pretty good front camber for a road race car. Too much for a street car. But if he has to do it to clear the tires, then he has to do it... The car doesn't look THAT low. Not to where it's going to destroy the handling by any means.

...and you are doing it exactly wrong....perfect
Please give more concrete suggestions.

Originally Posted by SCRAPPYDO View Post
FAshion has a price. What you are experience is too much rim and your car is too low.
I think we've already established in this thread that it's NOT too much WHEEL (I don't like the term "rim," because to me "rim" means the outer edge of a something). I suspect in this case the offset is too low to get the tires under the fenders, though.

The camber specs are JACKED. If this is the look you want, get ready to live with the crappy performance you have inherited.
Those camber numbers are not that crazy. For an all-out track car, that amount of static camber in front will make for great grip in the corners. It's unlikely he'll be able to load the car up enough on the street to take advantage of it, though.

I don't think the front camber by itself is causing the steering weirdness., although it certainly may be highlighting it. If the alignment is all symmetrical, it shouldn't tug in one direction all the time.

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