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OMGHi2U Couple motor questions............

Please excuse me if i am blatantly ignorant, im a newb at this and this will be my first time building a motor. i have read the piston FAQ and it was very helpful, but i still have a couple questions. I will be doing this myself with assistance from my father, a career mechanic. I am set on doing this myself, i have to learn sometime and i am very excited to do it. I will be doing rods and piston, possibly sleeves as well. I am 90% set on getting forged CP pistons, 99 or 100mm, and have not yet looked into rods. I talked to a guy at LA Sleeves and am considering getting a set of cast iron sleeves that will essentially close the deck. I plan on going rotated on this motor eventually, looking upwards of 500 horse, that is my reason for building the motor. now for the questions:

1. What are the best coatings to get on the pistons?

2. Please reccomend a good set of rods, im kinda lost here.

3. Is sleeving the motor going overboard? do i need to spend the 600 on the closed deck sleeves?

4. Anything else you guys want to throw in?
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