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I moved the bracket and put on the larger tensioner idler pulley to clear the radiator hose. Now the belt is still slipping with the tensioner maxed out. The belt tension is decent , but not huge. Although huge is not necessarily good.

Here's the bracket with the larger idler, positioned so it can swing completely up and out of the way to get the belt on really easily. R&R of belt is like a 60 second process so that is really nice.

I feel like I have some options here:

1) Try a shorter belt. 61.5 instead of 62.0. This will give me more tension with the tensioner maxed out. Cost $9. I'm not super convinced more tension is a great thing though...

2) Try a RPM (Aramid/Kevlar) belt - only comes in 61.5 or 63.0 - 63.0 is too loose. These are actually designed to run LESS tension and do not stretch. $60 or so.

3) Just go 10 rib. I'd really just need to replace 1 idler pulley and replace my passenger side fan because I'm already running 10 rib pulleys on the SC and on the crank. I think I could hold off on replacing the fan for a while since it is cold here now anyway. $60 for belt and pulley.

4) Gear down to a 3.12" supercharger pulley which would obviously draw out the boost to higher RPMs which is effectively less restriction. $109 for a new SC pulley.

I am sort of leaning towards #3 first then #4 if that doesn't work.
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