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front end

I also noticed a strange junction, that seemed to be just a press fit

hard to see on the picture, but there are 2 little holes on the sides with something that reminded me of plastic tabs, so I thought its just plastic glue covering spot welds, so I pulled out my heatgun and starting melting it.... what happened next really shocked me, as that was not plastic, the two pieces were actually GLUED together with some epoxy or resin, the stuff you usually find on hockey sticks when you assemble them

yep, its official, our steering columns are glued together
and those holes are to compensate for extra glue, so that extra compound has a way to escape

Oddly, the shape of the that piece resembled EPAS output shaft

can it be true????....

nope. different sizes

Here is the EPAS with the "toyota" steering wheel adapter, and the "subaru" adapter shaft, showing just how much longer this thing needs to be

My idea is to reuse the Toyota piece that slides on the EPAS output shaft, cut it, do the same with the Subaru part and make a single piece out of it (somehow)

This probably requires a mill and tig, I don't have either so will need to find someone who will be willing to do the coupling for me

but I may not be seeing another solution here, any experienced machinists can chime in?

Next, I need to figure out how to mate the rear part of EPAS with the the "remainder" of subaru column - EPAS uses splined shaft and a steering linkage goes over it, however this won't work because the shaft needs to be expended, another riddle that needs to be solved
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