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Originally Posted by thiessentr View Post
Would running a WMI kit just above wastegate spring pressure to target boost yield maximum safety? The failsafe would be both a low level indicator and flow meter attached to the ebcs. This way, if a failure of some sort occured or the tank couldn't be filled, you could still safely drive the vehicle indefinitely without negatively impacting your AFRs.

Would there be enough of a benefit in terms of performance and anti det to run a kit for such a small range? eg. Spring pressure ~14.5 psi WMI spray 15-20psi.

Does anyone have experience running WMI in extreme cold? In Canada, I regularly see winter Temps ranging from 5f to -40f. Im also worried about pump operation.
Mine ran from about 10psi using 125cc jet using washer fluid. The way it was tuned it didn't matter if it ran out or the jet clogged etc, it wasn't used to make more power through chemical efficiency but as more of a safeguard against worst case conditions (fuel/temps/etc). The car could easily run the power (365whp) on pump gas.

Running -40 washer fluid (the best to use is the Turbo Power brand which is 50% methanol). Of the roughly 50 aem wmi kits my friends and I have used over the past 10+ years we haven't had any failures using in winters down to -15c
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