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Default 2800-3000 RPM Mis-firing in ALL gears!! Help please! :(

Hey all,

Just looking for ideas on what the issue with my car is.

My tuner pulled logs and sent them to COBB for further analysis, however they think it's the Deatschwerks 1000cc injectors.

I don't know the exact details from a technical stand-point, but my tuner said he encountered a similar issue with another STI running ID 1000cc injectors (different brand).

How it happens:

If I'm driving casually / lightly (less than 25% throttle), it'll bog for a very split second between 2800-3000 rpms. Once it's past 3000 rpms, there are no further issues.

If I press the throttle harder than 25% to about 90%, the bogging / misfiring become more evident and VERY frustrating. If I'm WOT, the nose of the car drops when it reaches 2800-3000rpm then picks up and carries on (from an outsider, it'll look like I'm "shifting").

So are there any known issues with running 1000cc injectors with these cars? What should I do next?

Honestly, I can't stand this car anymore with this issue.

Very quick run down of things that are air and fuel related:

- 2011 STI hatch
- Blouch dominator 2.5 xtr turbo
- deatschwerks 1000cc injectors
- 1-step colder spark plugs
- deatschwerks fuel pump (the drop-in one... 65wc or something like that)
- AMR BMI intake
- AMR front mount intercooler
- COBB AccessPort (using SpeedDensity and protuned)
- TGV Deletes (cosworth)


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