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That letter from SOA is a crock of you know what! My dealer had my car for 27 days waiting for new "special" hoses to come from Japan. Either SOA or Subaru JP indicated, to my service guys, that the rubber hoses on both sides (both fuel rails) needed to be changed, requiring the intake manifold, and everything around, near or attached to it to come off, big job I'm sure. I could see a stream of fuel dripping down (exactly as described by MYRUREX) from a short hose/connector under the air snorkel leading to the turbocharger, you can not get at the hose clamps with a screwdriver. The story I hear is that the connecting hoses and metal fuel lines will contract/expand at different rates, and therefore the colder it is, the bigger the leak. Unless the service people leave the car out in the cold, and it has to be pretty cold, and start car up cold, they are not going to see any leak. We had a lot of below zero nights here in New Hampshire since Christmas, and specifically my "gusher" started on January 22nd, during more than a week of extremely cold weather. I can say that I have smelled gasoline during cold starts before this, but never considered that the invincible WRX could have a real flaw! I agree with the letter, you need to leave it at the dealer, and it has to be real cold, or they won't duplicate the problem, and you’re out of luck until next winter. SOA obviously is being careful (or is it elusive) as to how they are answering people's complaints. I have a problem with the car, but my dealership/service department is top notch (Subaru Of Nashua New Hampshire).
It's too bad SOA could not be mainlined to this particular thread, and read all the complaints contained at this website alone. I think everyone should go out and make an entry in the complaints section of, maybe that will stir up the bucket a little.
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