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you "could" JBWeld them... but here is what I would do, without a welder

I would overlap them like mine #1.. it is stronger and less prone to snapping.

then cut a nice chunk out of the top overlapping piece
drill one, maybe 2 small holes. And rivet the two pieces together.
Before you do the riveting, I would JBWeld the overlap area, and then insert the rivets and cinch them up. This will make sure everything is strong.

so you have your bar and all, but you got those two holes where you cut access to the rivets right? BONDO them!! Bondo the access holes and bondo the ends of the box. I ran some screw into the box where I was bondo-ing so the bondo would grab onto it. Pack TONS in. Some people will complain saying it will break out in cold temps etc. Mine didnt yet.

And to mount it.... .. well, on my 93, I had two spots on the underlip where there were holes. Two inner one's were threaded, and two outer ones. I used the outer ones.
For a center support, I ran a screw into the bumper behind the plate. It really takes no load per-se, but just stabilizes it a little under vibrations

P.S. I used a trailer wiring harness to hook the lights up so they are easily removable. BUT I used huge Torx head bolts to hold it to the chassis so a thug couldnt easily steal it

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