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Question Clutch question - 2017 WRX

Hey fellow subie-friends, got a question I didn't see particular answers to via searching so I thought I'd post.

Basically, I'm trying to figure out if I need to have the clutch replaced in my 2017 WRX (58k miles).

Background - I took a trip out to the mountains here in CO and on the way back got stuck in some horrible stop and go traffic (2+ hours of 2mph - 5mph movement). In this constant accordion like traffic where we wouldn't actually stop, I found myself constantly feathering the clutch into/out of 1st gear. I'd try to coast in neutral as much as possible but with the constant braking and accelerating between that horrible 2-10mph zone, I found that I couldn't manage creeping slowly without constantly going in and out of 1st. Anyways, eventually I started to smell a rubbery-like burning smell and figured it was my clutch plate. I also started experiencing massive chatter/shaking when letting go of the clutch pedal in 1st. I pulled over as quickly as I could find a safe pull-off and waited for about 25 minutes before continuing home (once the traffic was finally flowing again).

I suppose my question is -- does this abuse and reaching the point of that violent chatter indicate that I should now be expecting to replace the clutch, or can those components overheat like that and then continue to be used once they cool down? (i.e. did I kill my clutch completely or only reduce its lifespan by a bit?)

Apologies for the newbie question, but this is just a situation I've not dealt with before so I'm trying to learn.
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