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Originally Posted by Sideways View Post
2019 Limited.... FM reception is absolutely garbage. Sat radio is fine thought.

BUT no rattles, granted I only have 1k miles, but this is my 8th WRX over the last 17 years and every other one were rattling well before.

LOVE the feel of the improved transmission over the 2016 and the steering responsive bi leds are so much better than the funky LEDs on the 15-17. And the LEDs fogs are a bonus.

And despite the horrible FM reception, finally having android auto is nice.
I'm in a 19 Limited, unoptioned (no HK, or blind spot detection), and FM reception is great, even where I can't get sat. Then again, I don't listen to radio or xm except when it's forced upon me when I turn the car off.

Only real gripe I've got is that the pushbutton is a little sluggish compared to my 14 BRZ Limited. That car you pushed in the clutch, hit the button and WHAM starter engages. Here, you have to first push the brake in (even if handbrake is on), THEN the clutch (otherwise you have to release then re-engage the clutch), then hit start and wait a second for the car to turn on. Minor issue, but my folks' 13 cx5 doesn't have this delay, just brake on, hit start and immediate starter engagement.

The door immediately unlocks upon touching it, so no delay there.

I do wish I could cycle through AA apps with the source button instead of having to use the touch screen. I REALLY like mute being a pause button in AA, as our outback has no pause button on the swc, and the borrowed cx5 requires you to use the touch screen to pause anything.

I wish the triple meter had a "avg trip mpg" option instead of odometer mpg and "mpg since ignition was last activated". It's on the eco meter, but I'd like to see oil temp, boost, and trip mpg all next to each other. Mpg since last turned on is meaningless to me, as is mpg since the car was made.

SRH is a dream, and the LED headlights and fogs are magnificent. We picked up the WRX yesterday after the sun had gone down and I had a 3hr drive home in a new car on an unfamiliar route. Those headlights were a life saver, and SRH was just too cool. I rarely needed high beams when I used to need them (like to see into corners with normal halogen or HID headlamps... Though I did dearly love the HIDs in my BRZ, and had wished its fogs hadn't been halogen), and the LED fog lamps illuminated the foreground without blinding.

I deliberately got this without the factory short shifter (I'm buying the boomba, just waiting for a black Friday deal on one), so the throws are what you'd expect. If they were long but crisp I wouldn't mind, or short but mushy I wouldn't mind either, but 1st to 2nd and 4th to 5th are long toss mush central and having come from a BRZ with a kb short shifter, white line Trans mount void filler, and kb rear shifter bushing, this is irksome. I'm installing the perrin brass bushing this Saturday maybe, and it was cheap enough to not bug me about "paying to fix".

Throttle is a little too aggressive, but after I run through this first tank (who knows if someone put 87 in it since the manual says that 87 is acceptable even though 91 is what's recommended) that it came with from the dealership, I'm putting stage 1 93 OTS on it. Not sure if I should use the Cobb ots or fork out $75 for the MAP stage 1 93 ots.

I had 17x8 w/ winter tires put on from the get go, and though we're going through a warm spell right now before winter really hits, the wheels and tires are doing great.

I'm right at about 200 miles on the odometer. Loving the car.

And the stereo isn't fantastic but it's my first AA hu and it's not really bugging me much. It certainly is good enough that I can wait a year before overhauling the stock audio.
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