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Originally Posted by SVX WRX View Post
ANY Mitsubishi is more reliable than the average Subaru already

of the two i have, and the one my mom has ... zero issues, minor recalls (door latch, ACD pump failure- doesn't affect drive-ability, warrantied to 100k)

lets try Subaru ... same head gasket issues on the same motor they've been building for 30 years, banjo bolt filters that clog and destroy engines/turbos, gas leaking in the engine bay recalls, and other current recalls of the month.

Subaru must be commended, though, for maintaining this reputation for "reliability" when they are FAR from it in reality.
And you were calling someone else a Subaru fanboi...

Without looking by vin, just a quick search

I've never owned a mitsu, but my parents purchased two new. The first was a 90 galant they only put about 40k on, and they gave to their parents when they wanted something more comfortable and fun, and I recall the only problems it had were several oil leaks and some kind of transmission issue a couple years later. It was a neat car, I like the button that sort of changed the ride feel, and the interior was comfy. My parents are neat freaks, always kept it clean and serviced.

The other was a 94 Diamante. The car had transmission problems maybe a year after purchased, had to visit the dealer several times to get it taken care of correctly. It also had several oil leaks in the four or five years she owned it, needless to say she got fed up with having to soak oil off the carport with kitty litter and got rid of it.

The majority of mitsus I see now are at work, I see very few on the road. The ones I check out generally feel like tin cans, the interiors are super flimsy on the mirage models. I can't believe the mirage vehicles are legal for the road, I'd feel safer in a kia or hyundai. The engine and transmission are horrible, smart cars are likely more refined. The outlanders I've driven felt a little more solid inside, but the suspension must be tuned by blind monkies, feels unsure and disconnected on the road. Reminds me of those small cheap nissan suvs, but seems l slower/weaker. The a/c worked well on the two I did these past two weeks, then again the vehicles were two and one year old. The prior mirage had horrible a/c and I believe it was a 16. These are obviously used cars and were traded in for whatever reason, but I can't recall the last mitsubishi I'd be comfortable owning.

To me it appears mitsus became more flimsy in the mid 90s and even though the "evos" used iron blocks for a while, which made it great for racer bois and fanbois, I don't see that propping the entire company up. Toyota did it with the good supra, but they didn't need fanboi support in the first place. There is good reason companies like Toyota, Honda, and yes even Subaru have such a strong following. I'm not sure why you believe Mitsubishi deserves that, but it's definitely not because of using iron blocks.

Please explain why you believe Mitsubishi is reliable and safe enough to be worthy of a larger consumer base, other than your parents' experience with them and your obvious love for the evo...without appearing a total fanboi if possible.
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