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Originally Posted by FOXxX View Post
I am a complete fan of DIY - gives you complete comfort in knowing what goes where and if something gets messy you knowhow to fix it. Also there is no comparison in owning something that is desireable by others knowing that YOU built that and put in the hours and hours of wrenching, tweaking, and troubleshooting. And the moment that beast comes alive.... Its really better when you are sitting next to a Z06 and you smoke that ass and all that chump did was pay for his HP!

Built not Bought!
I wholeheartedly agree with you on this. I am very very much a DIY kind of guy, and it's actually a good reason why and how TiC started.

At the same time over the years doing this professionally I also have a bit of a contrasting viewpoint.

If you know what you're doing for DIY - go for it.

If you have zero idea what you're doing - don't go for it.

If you have some kind of idea of what you're doing, but you take it to a shop who finds a whole mess of issues then own up to it. Don't go pointing fingers at the shop about your crap work.

If you have some idea of what you're doing, but you don't understand the core principles and function of something then pay a shop to do it or own up to it. The easiest and quickest example of this is teflon tape on -AN fittings. We see it all the time, and then people get pissed at us for having to pay us to fix it. Yeah, we could not fix it, and then not charge the guy. In every single case we will get blamed if there's a failure. Hell, we've had instances where we've flat out told people "this is wrong or this is about to fail. you need to replace it." and they have refused. Two weeks later we get a call that it's somehow our fault OR they start complaining online and we get to deal with that mess.
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