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I believe that mounting an wideband in the upipe would indeed cause mis-reasings because it should see positive boost pressure. The best place is right where the stock 02sensor is in the exhuast, hopefully whatever aftermarket exhuast you have still has that bung in it. You can just turn the CEL off with the UTEC then..

In my stock turbo/intercooler/fuelsystem rex, i run the ignition advance up to around 26 degrees peak, although I can run 27 degrees in certain areas without knock sometimes. But if it's hot out etc. I usually switch to the map with 26degrees peak and lower boost. On my most aggressive ignition map I'm already running 25degrees at around 4,500rpms and at 5,000 rpms I go to 26, and then between 5,500-6,200rpms I'm at 27, then back to 26degrees. I normally run a peak boost of 16psi, down to 14.5psi at 6krpms, and by redline maybe 12-13psi.

As for the fuel values, I have fuel values between -1.5 to -2.8 on my most aggressive map, I have no idea what the a/f ratio is I only used EGTs to help me. I would guess to say it's as lean as 11:1, maybe leaner. But as long as I don't get detonation I don't stress about it.

Also, yes adding too much fuel can induce knock definatly. And turboxs has not released the WB02 reader yet, I think it's going to be priced around $400-$500 though according to the "rumors", but a better choice compared to other widebands if it does work with the UTEC IMO.
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