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Originally Posted by Back Road Runner View Post
I have a 67 with the 7cm^2 and it's small for HP. It definitely chokes peak output. However, I am also not capable of surging the compressor. You won't surge the 63 either. Basically, 7cm^2 or 8cm^2 is a choice of where you'd like the powerband. 7cm^2 vs 8cm^2 has a pretty small difference in dynamics or the point of spool up, so you're picking small differences. I haven't used both on a Steamspeed, but I have on an 18G. It basically meant 300rpm difference in spool up. Once up in the operating range you'll likely be hard pressed to notice a difference in dynamics. Peak output, I'm not sure. I need to dig up some old dyno info or data logs with MAF info.

Not trying to thread jack here but this is related to this turbo.

I have been eying these turbos as well and am torn between the 63 and 67. It's a JDM 205 with avcs. Trying to have a smooth build in boost hopefully reaching full boost no later then 4K and would like to hold to as close to 7k as possible. Gen2 GTX2867r is what I have been really interested in, but not sure if I'll really notice a difference between JB vs BB on turbos this size. The car does see track days. I'm not looking for insane power just a nice wide power band and something that spools quick coming out of corners while not falling on its face after 100mph.

Current mods include
JDM 4.44 trans
Large TMIC
Silicone inlet
Catless up pipe
Fluidampr pulley

Lots of other things but those are what I've done that will effect power delivery specifically.

Planning on ID1050 injectors and blending SD with MAF when it gets tuned for new turbo. Am thinking 8cm hot side for for better top end since the avcs will help low end.
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