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Name: Ty

Make: 2019 Subaru STI limited

Mileage: 269

Time Out Of Use: 6 days and counting

Problem And Likely Cause: presumed to be a fried ECM, no cause given

Modifications: Tints

Submitted For Warranty Work (Yes/No):Yes

Reason Given For Denial: Appeared to be tampered with, ECM doesn't fry on it own

Your Story: I get in my car (after letting it sit for 6 days), and attempt to go to work. I noticed all the lights on the dash are on, blinking, and something isn't right. I turn it off, thinking it needed to be reset, I unplug the battery, and the car hasn't cut back on since. I get it towed to the dealer. They said its a hole in the firewall grommet, and 3 copper strands in the fuse box under the hood. The dealer say it appears as the car's electrical systems have been tampered with, there for it will not be covered. I am blown.
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