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First of all nobody pays MSRP on an ATS-V. If you shop smart you can find them for well $5-10K off MSRP without any issues. Sometimes more. And CPO ones too. Second of all a stage 1 ATS-V can make 600hp. Probably looking at $2K with parts and a tune. It's a relevant once you start modding cars. $60K range gets you a used GTR too if you need AWD with a backseat.
Honestly I find it somewhat comical when the price point for a brand new warrantied factory prepped/modified STI is chastised and then it is compared to USED modified (probably beat on and worn) performance cars in the same price range are compared to it LOL.....let alone ones that aren't even in the same layout....because if someone wants an STI,,,a brand new S209 with a warranty at 57,000 is MUCH more appealing than a GM 4 door rear drive used car at the same price. That is why I keep saying the price isnt the issue...what is more important is what the buyer wants. Honestly I wouldnt want a corvette, and I get that they are relatively cheap for the performance. A GTR is a better argument but still wouldnt pay the same for a used one over an brand new S209. Honestly its not an advantage to pay the same price for a USED performance car relative to a car like a brand new S209. A deal like that has ZERO appeal to me....and is why I previously brought up the availability of 05-06 GTO's with under 100,000 miles available for around 10,000...because when the price is 4-5 times less for comparable performance and modability, the used vs new makes a bit more least to me anyway a used performance car will have to be many thousands less...I mean like at least half the price of a brand new warrantied performance car that has a ton of potential and factory performance packages.
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