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Originally Posted by hadvw View Post
Hey, that's great for you - wish it worked for me. I'm 6'1", all legs. Every car I've ever owned, seat has been all the way back, wishing it would go further. I had to modify my '84 Jetta GLI (first car) to add 1/2" of adjustment to the seat, and my right knee still got sore after rush hour traffic.. I've sat in a Mk7 Golf R, and while THAT seat goes back further than I need (I think), it leaves like 3 inches in the back.

So, putting the seat all the way to the back is my benchmark - can my kids still sit behind me? Note: my just-turned-12 year old daughter is ~5'5"-5'6", may end up at 5'10"-5'11", and the younger one at one point was taller than her at the same age.. Sure, they could SQUEEZE back there, but I don't want a car where they are punished and complain every time they have to get into it - otherwise, we'll end up taking the minivan every time.

That doesn't exactly inspire confidence..

And, from:

"Smallest of the smalls. The ATS-V is a small car, a compact car to be specific. But even among its competitive set, itís the wee-est of the bunch. Its two closest competitors, the BMW M3 and Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG, are larger in nearly every dimension. Rear passengers, in particular, are punished in the ATS-V, with rear leg and headroom down by a couple of inches compared to the Germans." After getting the "no-go" from the M3, the odds aren't good.

We sat in a CTS-V last year, and for some reason they made that smaller than the previous gen, and it was tight, and my family didn't like the layout / cramped feeling. No way the ATS-V is going to be better. We drove a previous gen CTS-V-sport, and I almost wish I'd bought it..

We've sat in an STI several times and they were always fine with it. Also liked the Chevy SS and Charger SRT, but I'm not sure I'm ready to go from "fast AWD" to "RWD bruiser".

I have no problem admitting that my family may not be 100% logical, but I'm not even going to THINK about an ATS-V being a possibility on a 2-hour road trip. Charger would have no problems. They like grandma's 2010 Legacy, but 2010-2012 Legacy GTs are rarer than hen's teeth.. STI SHOULD be ok based on several previous test drives, although that data is a year old by now and we will definitely have to double check.
I wish you luck in your search; it seems you are pretty much stuck with a mid-size or full-size if you want four doors, and if you want AWD your choices are limited further, especially if you want performance. Acura? Lexus LS?
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