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Default Anyone know of a VQ37VHR swap? Other suggestions?

I have seen several drive train component swaps into STI's and WRX's from 350Z's and various other Nissans. I am toying with the idea of doing an engine swap of "some" kind in the future, but I have yet to find a "reasonable" candidate.

1. Does anyone know of any VQ37VHR or other VQ-- swaps?
2. IF NOT ....... does anyone know why other Nissan drive train components are used ...... and other V6's have been swapped from other manufacturers, but not the Nissan V6?

I'm still in the consideration stage for my future build, so I'm open to advice or suggestions. I have seen numerous various swaps, transplants and hybrids, but none that really combine what I like. I love the Subaru AWD system (especially the STI transmission) and I also like big flat torque curves with low end torque. I would like to combine those two things.

My goals:
1) Retain the STI transmission and AWD system
2) To reiterate #1 (because that part seems to be forgotten when I ask individual people) ......... Retain the STI transmission and AWD system
3) A larger displacement engine of any kind that has ~350hp with a reasonably flat torque curve with relatively ample low-RPM torque.
4) A "reasonably" reliable drivetrain for DD-type use.

I know this is asking for a unicorn, but does anyone have any suggestions for thought?
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