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Originally Posted by Titter View Post
Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) makes alot of the parts and are used by both nissan and subaru which is why alot of parts like brakes, diffs, etc... are interchangeable. essentially they are the same part from the same parent company.

engines are usually a different story though.
I had noticed that. It seems like the drift-cars and RWD conversion people tend to swap in diffs and axles from the Z's.

I was just curious about engine swaps. I like my Subarus, particularly the STI transmission, but I also like disgustingly unnecessary and gratuitous grunt power on crappy fuel ('Murica!). The Subaru community tends to be relatively "conservative" and not terribly adventurous when it comes to engine swaps compared to other platforms. It is rightfully so, given the unique drivetrain configuration and engine bay.

There are a few fairly adventurous builds hiding out there that generally aren't members on NASIOC (Buick V6, 13B rotary, LS V8, euopean diesel boxer), but I had not seen anyone with a Nissan engine swap.

This is completely tangential with respect to the Nissan question. I assume a few people are aware of this, but a guy in TN imports and modifies the Subaru diesel engines

His diesel-converted 22B Pike's Peak entry

He's currently on a worldwide trip with his wife in a VW Vanagon with the diesel boxer conversion.
Build thread and trip info here if you want to kill some time, haha
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