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Default Kn0ck Kn0cks Bugeye Wagon Thread

Meet Loosie(very dangerous but funny story why. I bought her as a BONE stock wrx. And the plan WAS to keep it that way.

This photo was taken just after receiving the keys and tittle that day. The car is BONE STOCK ONE OWNER

I began driving Loosie daily and after about a month or so and I began hearing a knocking noise coming from the rear of the car. So I jacked up the car one day looked under it, rocked the rear wheels to see if those where loose and everything SEEMED to be fine. I continued to drive the car and the noise persisted when I sped up the noise sped up when I slowed down the noise slowed down. I took it to a shop they said they couldnít find the issue so I kept driving.

One night girlfriend and I went down to Manhattan to get Halaal food and on the way back home as I got on the Henry Hudson highway the noise got noticeably WORSE. So I pulled to the slow lane and put my hazards on and dropped down to about 25mph hoping to get home safely..

Girlfriend was asleep(car rides puts her to sleep especially if itís past 11pm lol). Out of nowhere I hear a loud BOOOOOM sound and the car felt floaty for the lack of a better term. I look to my left and there goes my left rear wheel speeding by me like it just hit FULL BOOST. After about five cars almost rear ending my poor Loosie one SUV stopped and helped us get to the next exit. Along the way to the exit driving on three wheels(gotta love awd) I saw my fourth wheel by the middle divider I had to stop and run across to get it. I felt like I was playing frogger.. except a lot more dangerous

Anyway long story short we made it off the highway and my friend came and lended me his jack, half inch gun and a couple lug nuts to put back on my wheel.


I ended up buying a rear hub for a forester and a wrx trailing arm and sent it to a shop and everything was fixed several hundred dollars later.

I purchased Perrin motor mounts, transmission mount and a pitch stop mount. I installed them and for the most part the motor doesnít shake as much when driving or letting off the gas which I love now.
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