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Originally Posted by Elbert Bass View Post
If there were metal filings in the grease it is possible.
The reluctor magnets are imbedded in the inner face of the bearing - any metal filings or rust stuck there will cause problems.
Did you remove the ABS sensor before removing the bearing? If not you may have broken the tip of the sensor.

If you used an aftermarket wheel bearing it may not have had the reluctor imbedded in the bearing. This is very rare, but not uncommon if it was a real cheap part.
I coated the inside of the knuckle with some copper anti sieze grease before installing the bearing/hub. Possibly a glob of grease could have went on the sensor.

I used after market bearings, replaced both front left and right sides, considering only one is throwing an error (the A side) I assume the replacement part is OK and its an issue with just the sensor.

I scraped out the bore with a metal brush to quickly remove some rust that had built up, but I definitely did not remove the sensor at all during the process.

Will remove the wheel tonight, the sensor and inspect.

Fingers crossed its not the actual replacement hub, as they were quite cheap. Says NTN Bearings on them but there was no brand.
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