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So didn't quite go as planned...

Removed one of the sensors (Drivers side, Right hand side) - noticed it had a very small amount of grease on it, cleaned it it up, put it back in. Cleared the code, started the car. Woo hoo! (or so I thought...) code was gone, car running great and didn't come back.

Took it for a drive, within 500m the code came back

Back to the shed, removed the sensor, checked it again. Still clean, hmmm. Removed the other side, checked it and all good (Cleaned it anyway) - symptoms persist.

Removed the sensors, got the shop back and spun the hub/wheel to try and remove any small amounts of debris - symptoms persist.

The code I am getting is P0500 - VEHICLE SPEED SENSOR A. Figuring I am not sure which side I should be concentrating on, i removed each speed sensor (unplugged from the connector) and was hoping a different code would come up to help isolate it. No difference!

I unplugged both sides and the same code still appeared. P0500.

After some more reading, there is another error code I Can pull with FreeSSM, so i downloaded it, plugged in my cable and read the code.

I Got: Engine sensor failure 1 - Code 64

Now I am completely lost on what it could be;

Could it be my hubs? I am not sure how the hub can effect the sensors, the sensor reads from the axle?
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