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Default Another RWD Subaru (long story)

Hello people of Nasioc
Been on here a long time but never posted much, I've had a bunch of Subarus and did the usual mods for years. Wheels, springs, exhaust that sorta thing....

None of it seemed different enough to post about...

A few years ago I received a 2005 FXT from a friend that wouldn't pass inspection it needed a filler neck, exhaust work, tires ,brakes the whole lot. It was on it's second engine but had a VF39 turbo. I Fixed as much as I cared to and put it on the road, daily drove it for a while, it developed noise in the 5speed but I had another car so I wasn't too concerned.
Eventually the "other car" turned into our rally cross project.

SO I continued driving the FXT for a while until I went to a drift event with a fiend of mine and got to go for a ride in his early 90's 240sx street/drift car. He was running a holset turbo on the 2.4 Nissan engine that he built up over the previous winter.

I was hooked, but didn't have a RWD platform car, I did have a forester that had a "kinda" broken 5 speed and a welder so I took a locked up center diff and did the usual thing Welded it up!

In case you were wondering later wrx 6speed and earlier 5 speed center diff's are not the same.
Yeah I know I know "great job you welded the center diff, It's not a 240 the diff can't take it"
And it couldn't the rear diff lasted one hard rip and the Limited slip part was dead it was a one legger no good for drifting much less normal driving. I kept driving it for a bit until it completely gave up pulling into my driveway and wouldn't move at all.
And there it sat for a couple weeks, I researched and started trying to get parts together to fix it. I was still looking to drift it but didn't know which direction to go. I had seen some pics of R200 rear diffs in subarus for RWD conversions so that seemed like a good place to start. The same friend with the 240sx found a car with no engine not too far away. We went and grabbed it one afternoon and started pulling it apart.

It got torn ALL the way apart, I got the diff and axles and my friend took everything else.
At that point I had a rear diff and axles, no sure way to connect the Nissan axles to the Subaru hubs ( without spending lots of money) and a still broken transmission. I knew STi 6 speeds were capable of holding more power but they've gotten pretty pricey and come with their own swap troubles.

Enter the Nasioc forums, All the credit for getting this whole project moving forward goes to lodown1 and this thread
among lots of amazing fab work He took a BRZ transmission and mated it to his 3.0 h6 powered forester. It took some cutting and welding of the starter part of the bell housing but it worked and BRZ trannys are CHEAP! plus they are lighter and have no front diff so no more front axles. Sounded awesome on paper, I hopped over to fleabay and found one for 425 shipped!
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