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Originally Posted by Russ_G93 View Post

It allows people a Choice in what they buy and do Based on their financial situation instead of some mandate where by 2035, all new cars and passenger trucks sold in California must be ZEVs (California). Ev's are not cheap. They are Expensive to make and fix. You cannot work on them at home. Maint items are easy, not a powertrain failure. You don't have the programs or tech tools, and you would need to take time out of your schedule to attend a class to teach you how, and I know most are too lazy or too Old to even do that. Without Factory warranty, a broken down EV with 80-100k miles has a greater chance ending up in a landfill than it does a ICE vehicle, that can be bought by a first time buyer kid with hardly any money.
EV's are significantly cheaper to maintain. Aside from the battery most of the items that will need any type of repair or replacing are standard suspension, brakes, and other normal components like head units, etc.

Also you do realize in CA the warranty on any EV battery is 10 years or 150K miles. Tesla, for example, already offers an 8 year 150K warranty on the higher trim vehicles while the Model 3 and Y (LR and Performance) offer 8 years 120K miles. If the battery is going to fail it will likely do so well before your warranty is up.

For people who are really worried there are also third party warranties.

There is a lot of misinformation about EV's out there. I hear it all the time from friends and family (one family member told me he heard if more than 2 Tesla vehicles try to charge their cars on a Level 2 charger on the same block, the entire neighborhood will lose power). I am not sure what is driving all these strange rumors and myths but it's weird how so much of our society falls for conspiracy theories and myths now because they read it on the Internet or Alex Jones told them.
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