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Originally Posted by thill View Post
Ha! I don't fear change but I also will buy what is best for me. Nobody is taking ICE cars away tomorrow and EV's are not going to burst into flames or fall apart any more than an ICE car. In fact I believe we will find EV's far cheaper to maintain due to way fewer moving high combustion parts.

The move towards smaller turbo motors with high compression and expensive transmissions would be more concerning to me if I keep a car 10-15 years and drive a lot than an EV. I know way too many Hyundai and Kia owners who are on the hook for new motors that failed just after their warranty and these things are not cheap to replace if you are buying a new motor.

Like anything as the market for EV's expands there will be way more options for replacement and reconditioned battery packs. As the cost of batteries drops it will be cheaper to replace as well. EV's are such a small percentage of the market right now, it's silly to think the technology and costs won't evolve. The Chinese will push the market, they are way more ahead than most countries and their costs are significantly cheaper than Europe and the US. In 3-5 years it will look very different than it does now.
lol My bad, I didn't even mean for my comment to appear as though it applied to you. I know you embrace change because you've switched vehicles almost as often as Scrappydo. I was more so replying to why people are quick to believe negative or false reports on EVs, or pretty much anything in general. I think it's because EVs are different. And if it's different, it's bad. Which is a very odd reluctance to have when people also complain about everything being the same. But enough similarities are what help people to accept what's familiar, no matter how closed-off it makes them. Plenty of that kind of thinking on this very forum.

I don't look forward to the next STI offering electrification because I just don't see the point. It'll be priced beyond mid-$30k, and I don't think Subaru can hang in the mid-$50k+ crowd with an electrified sports vehicle.
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