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Originally Posted by dwf137 View Post
Family guy with two kids, owned an R, and I will say that you're wrong.

It also wasn't our only car, but the R did just fine for 90% of our drives. Fit our decent sized stroller no problem. Kid carrying backpack, etc.
It’s a strange thing to read either way. On one hand, you taking the kid in the baby seat on your gravel stage with diapers in the back and stroller? There are such better “family” vehicles. I think you have it figured out. One is SUV/CUV/Minivan type vehicle that can do it all, road trip, family all aboard, then daddy’s car can do 75% of the same for local.

If everything has to be everything for everybody, everything will be CUV/SUV/Truck and nothing else will get made. I wish enthusiasts would leave the enthusiast cars to be just that. “Some” utility but for the love of all things Holy don’t try to make it into a do everything vehicle because that compromises it being a drivers car. I mean if being realists you don’t need a WRX for family anything. You can buy an Impreza and accomplish all the same stuff. Save the price delta for a 2nd vehicle, a drivers car like a base 86 or something. A socket wrench with sockets works much better than a crescent wrench.

I’m surprised at this point many of the CUV’s don’t come with a mfr optioned trailer to haul everyone’s **** around.
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