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Originally Posted by Russ_G93 View Post
And yet, the Prius is not an EV. Its a Combustion vehicle. It Relies on combustion. You're also missing the cost and size of battery cells in your comparison. 95 cells in a prius. 800-900 4680 cells in the new Model Y. The size between is both incomparable. Costs 10-12k before fees taxes and install labor. Which means, EV's will still remain favorable for those of us in the high tax bracket, because you are going to attach that extended warranty onto your purchase for piece of mind. And just with what happened in Texas and the current capacity of city grids, our infrastructure is behind. My own sister has already experienced Multiple brown outs this summer in Sacramento, via SMUD, the city utilities corp. Ive been a Toyota Service Advisor. I have plenty of memory of the problems with Prius's. I do not think highly of them, even some aspects of the newer gen 4Runners are not high on my list.
A commenter brought up a great point as well on TheDrive website:

"The fact is that you can recycle anything, but most of the time it is not going to be done if it is not profitable. We know how to recycle electronics, but in real life it ends somewhere in a dump on the coast of Africa, burned by disadvantaged people in open air to recover some metal. Ditto for textile that is the same way is sent to third world pretending it is a "charity" and ends up in open air dumps.
The same is for cars. Many salvage titled cars are already sent to third world for repair or rather to junkyards. Now imagine they have traction batteries with significant disposal cost. They will be sent to Africa 100% to avoid disposal cost, pretending it is for legitimate second-hand use, but most of them will have no significant use there, as old cell phones don't."

We're talking millions of metric tons of Lithium Batteries by 2030-2040, with a world that is not as advanced nor environmentally conscious like 1st World countries, not disposing of these batteries correctly.

Actual reality, and Human action, is entirely different from a projection typed out on a piece of paper.
This needs to go in another thread, but one of the founders of Tesla left and started a new company years ago and they can recycle (cleanly) 100% of the batteries. The batteries are evolving and Tesla has already started using Iron and offering cobalt free batteries. I highlighted hybrid, because we will see tons of hybrid car, SUVís and trucks over the next 10+ years and to demonstrate the longevity of the batteries.
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