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Thanks, So far everything is good, but I havn't driven it around too much yet. Still trying to find the comfort zone with the power front seat.

I also found that my Wide angle rear view mirror has a problem that I need to address. When I'm driving into the sun the top of it reflects onto the windshield. Black tape time.

I managed to get it with 5 Blizzak LM-18's. Although the fifth (spare) is due in 4 days, so now I'm just hoping I don't have to find out how I turn off the AWD. Such a dumb idea to make an AWD car that if you get a flat you use a tiny tire spare but have to turn off your AWD.

Thursday I go on a trip, 500 miles which should help break in the car, but I really wanted to use the Cruise control, however since it isn't recommended I'll not use it for now, although it does make those long trips so much nicer.

I'm just hoping it snows soon, I really want to try it out in the snow.
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