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^ That's some good info. I'm trying to lower my spool time at the moment since I've been rallycrossing and autocrossing a lot. I'm still stock ECU with turbo back exhaust and a home made coffee cup mod. Haven't added the boost controller yet because the ECU pulls timing and boost every once in a while which I assume is due to knock so I'll let the computer keep my engine healthy by doing what it wants under those conditions. I've heard just installing the boost controller and not using the factory one will lower my spool time by about 500 rpm. I'm seeing full boost just over 4000 rpm.

I'm saving up for a rob tune and collecting the rest of the parts (injectors, and going to make a custom intake box with larger filter) but until then I have to rely on the stock ecu programed for 98ron fuel. I have 93 octane here in florida which is just under the 98ron (about 94 octane) which does fine for daily driving but when I'm competing and running it hard is when I run into trouble. Lately I have been mixing in some 110 octane to bring up the total octane above the 94 that the ecu wants and have had great results. Computer doesn't pull timing or drop boost and the car feels like a rocket ship even after repeated laps. This will have to due until I can get the rob tune done.

Where did you have your turbo rebuilt? Are there any options for us to maybe upgrade to a larger 16g wheel? I'm still digging into this EJ20G stuff and really impressed with this engine thus far and want to get the most out of it as reliably as possible, not really needing more than 300HP.
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