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Originally Posted by meaganlf5 View Post
Hey Guys,

I have never posted here before and technically speaking as of right now I do not own a subaru. I'm hoping for some insight or some guidance.
I bought a BRAND NEW 2017 subaru forester from downtown subaru yesterday. I drove it exactly 34 km's before I began to have issues.
While merging off the HWY 401 east onto HWY 404 newmarket, I began to accelerate. I got the car up to ~80-90km/hr( I had already previously driven at this speed and had no issues).

The car decided to slam itself on the brakes. I lost all manual control of the car, my steering wheel had no play to it. It felt like all 4 tires locked up. I skid down the freeway for ~30 feet until the car finally came to a complete stop. I was almost rear ended due to this incident and subsequently almost cause a multiple car pileup on the highway.

Once the car stopped, I attempted to drive it over to the shoulder. The car WOULD NOT MOVE. The car would turn on and off with no issues. The car would go into "drive mode" and the engine would rev, however the car would not move. NOTHING, nothing what so ever. I attempted to turn the car off and back on, and the car still would not move. I turned off all eye sight options, hoping this would help. NOTHING

So here I am with a brand new car, stuck on a mega highway and I didn't know what to do. I finally towed the car back to the dealership and the service department took a look at it. As far as they could see, all my sensors were perfectly fine, which led them to believe it was a mechanical issue. Maybe the transmission.

The car was left outside the garage by the tow truck and even the mechanics couldn't figure out how they were going to get the car into the garage. It would not move.

Now, the dealer has offered to get me the exact same car, it's currently on the train from vancouver. My dilemma is. DO I EVEN WANT A SUBARU????? should i contact subaru canada. They preach at how " safe" the vehicle is, however, I do not have the same experience.

I'm really just looking to see what everyone thinks of their subaru's and what my possible next steps should be. Ultimately, this situation is completely unacceptable and I'm slightly traumatized form the entire event.

Thanks guys.
Thats pretty messed up... suprised I didn't hear about that on the news as I travel the 404 daily with 680 playing all the time.

I think its worth a shot with another one... I know it'd be hard to get trust back but all these cars now adays are all electronic... can happen with all these brake assist and collision avoidance tech...

all these new technology is great when it works and not breaking down. Still miss my old corolla that has manual door/windows and an actual throttle cable...
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