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Default New Engine & Clutch and now...Shifting Issues

As the title says, I've recently put a new engine, along with a new "Competition Clutch" brand OE style clutch disc and pressure plate, resurfaced flywheel, and am now having shifting issues.
Car is a 2014 WRX hatch with ~62,000 miles on it.
The car was on jack stands for approx. 6 months waiting for the engine from the builder (another entire headache of a story). All is back in and sounds great, engine wise.
Transmission doesn't sound the happiest though. New fluid in the trans and rear diff, levels are good. There seems to be an engagement noise of some sort though.
With the car in the air, I put the car in 1st at idle speed just checking on everything. There is a binding noise of sorts coming from the trans as it rotates. I wasn't sure if this was just from sitting in one spot for so long so I decided to take it on a test drive. 1st & 2nd engage with no issue, 3rd seems to sometimes grind as it goes in, and 4th feels like it clicks in but then grinds as if it is not engaged at all as I let the clutch out. 5th is the same story as 3rd.
To me, this is eluding to some sort engagement issue? I bled the clutch.
Nothing else seems to be out of order, clutch pedal feels normal, not making any noise as far as actual clutch movement...
I did jack the trans up multiple times as I was installing the new engine to make things easier on myself.
No links are bent. All the bushings are in great shape.

The only other thing I can think of is pedal adjustment??

Any input or links to other threads are greatly appreciated!
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