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Originally Posted by isotopesope View Post
hey man, just saw your other thread:

which lead me to search for this one... so, subaru DID give you the warranty after all? did you leave your intake on when you took it in? you have an AP too, i imagine? did you leave it flashed? did they sweat you about it?

shortly after buying my used 08 with a warranty, the throwout bearing started jingling, so SOA replaced my clutch under warranty. but the service guy was trying to scare me that they may not replace it if they think i have been "racing" it. at the time, the only mod i had was my rear sway bar. i typically drive fairly gently.

so now i have a cobb sf intake. lately i have been noticing a strange subtle squeaky/squealy noise moments after shifting at low rpm. no codes though. it sounds like it might be the beginning of the same turbo seal issue issue as yours? our mileage is super similar. i was thinking of throwing my stock intake back on, just to be safe, before i take it in. i don't want to be denied the warranty work.

I only have a Perrin CAI and I am canisterless (no muffler) other than that I have no other mods or deleted factory parts(no AP - yet). I was sweating it to but the dealership never even batted an eyelash at it. I told the service writer I did some research and that I thought it was possibly a blown turbo (noise) and possibly a head gasket (becuase coolant was burning off). He insisted that if it was a head gasket there would be signs of external leakage first (first oil and then coolant) before it would consume coolant and oil. The first words out of his mouth were "well I guess I was wrong about the turbo" then he went on to say the moment the tech read the description of the noise ( I described the noise as "Air escaping the stretched hole of a balloon" - iguess in retrospect I could have also described it as a vaginal quief, LOL) he suspected it was the turbo which he later confirmed the seals were shot. You would have to remove your up pipe and inpect the "out" side of turbo for signs of leakage. At this point though you have read my other posts and I feel for you. It sucks especially to have $18-20K in a car that based on these reports and popular opinion is facing catastrophic engine failure at some point. Of course Mark Twain once said "One who lives his life by the advice of medical journals- may one day die of a misprint". Good luck and please post info on your findings. It make me wonder how many people had this problem and because they got favorable results or some resolution to the problem they never documented it or followed up posting their findings. I'd like to be optimistic that I can get 130-150K miles of use out of at least the motor - I dont mind spending $1500 every 60K miles for a turbo. Its a fair trade for the absolute joy this car brings me.
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