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Default SOA Goodwill Gestures? Blown engine. 15' WRX

Bought my 2015 WRX CPO ~2.5 years ago. The car has about 50k on it and is completely stock.

A little over 6 weeks ago i was sitting at idle and the engine died. I had the car towed to the dealership and it turns out one of the exhaust valves exploded. The head with the faulty valve was completely wrecked and there was damage inside the timing cover as well.

Since the car was CPO when I purchased it, the dealership said they would rebuild the engine under warranty. They would replace the damaged head, replace the short block, rebuild the other head, and reuse any internal components that don't appear damaged, "since they aren't 'wear' parts."

I'm not 100% okay with this approach, since the exhaust valve exploded, there is the possibility of debris circulating in the engine, causing unforeseen damage and potential issues down the line. I call SOA to voice my concerns. They tell me when it comes to repairs, it's up to the dealer, they can just make sure the dealer is doing what the recommended repair is at this point.

Okay, no new long block, as long as I don't have issues with the rebuild, i'll go with it. Lo and behold, a little over a week later, I pick the car up.

Sometimes it runs great. When it doesn't run great, there is either no boost, or it feels like I am in fast and furious with how hard it 'kicks'. When it feels like there is no boost, I look at the boost gauge, and it's spiking to 22.1 psi, while under <10% throttle.

These weird acceleration issues cause me to almost get into 2 accidents, one while I'm accelerating at a light, and almost rear end someone because of the jerky power, the other while I am getting on the interstate, because I can barely accelerate to match the flow of traffic.

I originally picked up the car on a Saturday morning, and these issues present themselves over the weekend. The following Monday, I bring my car back in the shop.

At this point, the dealer takes it for a test drive and says there's no issues, car is running great. I told them, take it for a longer drive, it's not 'fine'. After taking it for a longer drive, they confirm the issue and start inspecting the car.

Turns out my ECM needed a software update, and this update magically fixed my car. Great! I picked up the car, and as I am driving home, the issue comes back. WTF! I take it back in, get a loaner reissued, and we start the process over again.

They replaced the MAF, no fix. Inspected my gas, and it appeared a little dirty, drained it and replaced, no fix. They check the knock sensor, and find out it wasn't installed to the 45 degree spec that's required, and boom! Car is fixed! Finally.

But wait. I pick up the car again, and this time my service advisor comes for a drive with me before sending me on my way. I'm not 100 yards out of the dealer when the issue reappears. Face to palm moment for both of us.

This was last Saturday. Immediately after, I called SOA to express my concerns. They should have replaced the long block, instead of this low cost approach, which is costing way more for them in the long run. They say they're going to engage the dealership and get updated from the service tech.

Yesterday I got an urgent text from my service advisor to bring my loaner back in. Apparently it was being retired and I needed to get reissued a different loaner. While I'm there, I ask, 'so what's the game plan at this point?' She said "at this point, the manager is engaging the district manager, and I would like to just see subaru buy back your car, and get you into a new one." You can imagine my response, is that even an option? Apparently it is in very rare circumstances. Well, I'd be pretty happy with this resolution, but we have to wait a couple days for management to hash it out, so I take off in my new loaner.

Today I get a text from my service advisor. They had their Subaru engineer out to look at the car (this is the 3rd time), logged a bunch of data (3rd time as well), and took it for a test drive, and it's running fine. No issues. The oil was a little over-filled, so we did an oil change, and that must have fixed it. They tell me to take the car, drive it for 1000 miles to break in the new engine and these problems will go away. Just to make sure it's okay, they're going to test drive it tomorrow 2x and thursday 1x.

In the beginning, I was very chill about the situation. I appreciated they were doing the warranty work, and there weren't and hoops. But now I've been back and forth to the dealership countless times for the same issue, and they are telling me an oil change fixed the problem? And to drive it for a while to break it in? Brand new engines don't behave like this, and I drive my car on very extended road trips. If the engine fails on one of these trips, I'm going to be seriously SOL.

I called SOA today to follow-up and they said that there may be an option to give me a goodwill trade-in on my car. But they can't go into details on that yet. They may also be able to cover me for the car payments I made while not having the car. But we have to wait for the additional test drives to take place before being able offer that kind of solution.

I'm just curious, what kind of goodwill trade in are we talking about? I'm slightly net positive on my note, but I shouldn't be financially burdened by this situation at all. I bought the car CPO, paid a little more because of that, but that was to give me peace of mind that the powertrain would last until 100k. My wife and I are planning to buy our first house in the foreseeable future, so taking out a loan and jacking up our DTI ratio at this point isn't an option.

Overall, really frustrating process. The ideal situation is for them to just put a new engine in the car and cut our losses with the rebuilt one, but I'm starting to lose confidence in the dealer after telling me all these problems went away after an oil change.
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