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I'm just going by what i've been told. That's why I started this thread, wanted to know the facts, appreciate your input.

I always thought that the new STI (06+) had an updated AVCS system, thought it controlled both cams. What is the difference between the V8 & V9 heads then? Re-educate me on the reason for the upper cased "I" in STI, as compared to the lower cased "i" in the 04-05 STi. I know it has something to do with the VVT, right? haha.

Just to make sure, to get the V9 STI heads to work correctly in my 4-plug DBW 05' USDM STi, do i modify the V9's 5-plug harness or my USDM STi's 4-plug harness for the Autronic SM4 EMS to work with the V9 heads/sensors etc.?

I gotta get goin to work...

Anyone mind helpin me out here? Basically I need to know what exactly I need to do to get the JDM V9 STI heads & Intake Manifold to work w/ my 05' USDM STi w/ Autronic SM4 EMS (keeping DBW of course). Since i'll be using a standalone, and not JDM ECU, wouldn't that also allow me to install the JDM V8 Spec-C heads w/ DBW instead of throttle-by-cable?

I can get a very good deal on the V8 Spec-C heads, so unless the V9's AVCS is different than what I already have, I guess i'll go the V8 route again.

Thanks for your help!!

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