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Originally Posted by Hyper View Post
STI vs STi I thought you were joking, someone must have made that up

$1500 is an ok price for spec c heads imho, about average

intake manifold, I honestly can't help you here as this is something I've never looked into

wiring harness...... well, if you really want to run JDM ECU (then forget about passing inspection), you have to get the whole engine/dash harness V7+ or custom add and change wires, as the pinouts are absolutely different JDM vs USDM

haha, i'm actually not making that up/joking...

there was a thread on the 06+ STI when it first came out, and they even discussed the meaning of the upper cased "I." if you pay attention, whenever people speak of the 06+ STI's, they always use upper cased "I's" unless it's not an 06-07 owner, haha...

i'm not trying to run the JDM ECU at all, i'm having the USDM STi ECU & UTEC sold just to get the Autronic SM4 Standalone EMS...

because I will NOT be using the JDM ECU, or even a USDM ECU for that matter, and will be running an Autronic SM4 EMS in their place...correct me if i'm wrong, PLEASE haha...but, does this mean I can run whatever HEAD & INTAKE MANIFOLD i want? and keep it Drive-by-Wire?? as long as the DBW Throttle Body bolts onto said Intake Manifold? or is the SM4 unit meant to be used with the Throttle-by-Cable (or even JDM) WRX/STi's?

also, staying on track with the previous paragraph...*USDM STi = 4-plug/DBW / JDM V8 STi (& RA Spec-C) = 5-plug/TBC / JDM V9 STi (& RA Spec-A/B/C = 5-plug/DBW*...if the Autronic SM4 were to plug into my 4-plug Chassis Harness and I'm running the 5-plug JDM V8/V9 STI/RA Spec-C Heads, is there any modification needed to the harness? and if the cam angle sensors are different, does that matter with the standalone (no, right?)?

$1500 is just "OK??" Damn, I thought I was gettin hooked up!! haha...Don't they retail for close to, & over at times, 4 grand? Would you happen to know of a place to get the real deal JDM V8 or V9 RA Spec-C Heads & V9 Intake Manifold for a better deal? if you do know of a place, what do you think the price difference is for the JDM V9 RAC Heads over the V8 RAC's?

BUMP...for anyone who's had their hands on JDM V9 STI or JDM V9 STI RA Spec-A/B/C Heads!! Are the V9 RA Spec-C Heads ANY different than that of the JDM V8 RA Spec-C's?? also, can anyone please clairfy the differences in the 2006 STI's powertrain from that of the 2004-2005 STi model's powertrain?! more specifically, the AVCS, haha...

Hyper - you must be getting sick of me huh? the repetitiveness, lol...but you said you've never actually had your hands on the V9's, so let's see if we can find someone more learned on the JDM V9 STI & STI RA Spec-C...

AND....what is the difference between the JDM V9 RA Spec-A, Spec-B, & Spec-C?? I heard it was only differences in the ECU's. I also heard that the JDM V9 STI RA Spec-C had the same head internals as the JDM V9 STI (Base model STI), just different ECU's. But you, Hyper, say that the V8 = V9 & V8 RAC = V9 RAC, not saying that I don't believe you...but I have people telling me one thing, and other's telling me another...didn't the V7 RAC = V8 while the V8 RAC set the bar even higher?

Also, still need clarification on Intake Manifolds (Specifically V8 & V9 - 1-pc Manifolds) and retaining my current Drive-by-Wire (05' USDM STi)/Throttle Body. Would my USDM STi's DBW Throttle Body plugs plug into the V9 STI/STI RAC's Drive-by-Wire Throttle Body's TPS & "Butterfly Motor (dunno what to call it)??"
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