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upgrading the speakers made a small difference mostly in the highs, adding in an LC71 a kicker keysmart amp and a kicker mono amp to my 12 inch sub, aaaannnnddd im still dissapointed.....
as Boost and shudder pointed out the biggest and best difference maker for your sound is a new head unit.
i am having a pioneer 2550NEX put in on the 6th.
the issue is even with the line out converters ability to increase bass when the stock head unit pulls it back is BASS is the only frequency it prevents from being rolled off.
So you get sub standard sound quality, after about 24 on the volume meter the head unit begins to pull back the frequency, once you pass about 29 the sound does not really increase at all, the sound just gets flatter and flatter. basically the Lc7i is unable to do its job with this head unit.
My advice is start with speakers and sound deaden while doing that, then replace that awefull head unit and go from there if you want even better sound.
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