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Tim Prudence,

The purpose for selecting the proper heat range is to allow the plugs to operate in their self cleaning range - not to lower combustion temperatures. If your cumbustion chamber is running hotter, then there's something wrong. Yes, you can select a heat range which will allow the plugs to accomodate the hotter temps, but it doesn't solve the problem - it's a band-aid - the colder plug will be comfortable, but your chambers will still run too hot. When the motor's pulling hard, even running N/A, EGTs can go higher than 1400F. An s/c or t/c properly tuned will not, and should not, push the temps much higher. Go too high with the temps and you're flirting with possible catastrophic engine faiure - detonation needn't occur.

Get your system tuned properly first. Even at moderately high boost levels, a properly tuned setup will keep those EGTs in check - people have done it. Don't rely on too cold a plug to solve a problem.

Good luck,
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