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Originally Posted by knightangle View Post
What are your thoughts on doing Mishimoto radiator, rad hoses, ancillary hose kit, and fan shroud? From what little I do know, a lot of head gasket issues come from over heating and rapid temp change.

Also if Iím doing gaskets should I take heads off and do headgaskets and new studs?
I have no experience with Mishimoto anything so I cannot comment. I'm sure the radiator will be fine.

Always remember this when you are speaking in terms of reliability; No aftermarket company has the R&D money, tooling, and the enormous sample size that the OEMs do. While I was always a Subaru guy, back in the 90's I was fortunate to be able to hang around some very fast Mitsubishi guys. All of them swore by sticking with OEM parts until your goals no longer allow you to. OEM parts are engineered to be safe, last forever, and fit as good as anything is going to fit.

That being said, as far as hoses and whatnot, I always buy oem whenever possible. When we got our bugeye with 167,000 miles on it, most of the coolant hoses were still original. Most were in rough shape, but still original. I don't need any more reliability than that.

The same goes for the factory spring clamps on most hoses. I replace those when doing the hoses as well(some hoses from Subaru come with new clamps). They are simple, will not cause damage to the hoses, and work perfectly.

I smile when guys run about yelling that the factory clamps are junk, the plastic radiator is junk, and the factory hoses are inferior to silicone aftermarket kits. Those parts fail due to age and mileage, not because they are junk.

All of this is not to say there are no good aftermarket parts out there. Of course there are! But the engineers at Subaru are no dummies. Take advantage of their vast amount of knowledge and resources and use OEM whenever possible.

As far as head gaskets, the ej205's have a very good track record, with guys surpassing 200,000 on stock head gaskets. Acutally, all the ej turbo motors do well with head gaskets. All of the "Subaru's have head gasket issues" are due to the older naturally aspirated 2.5 engines, not the turbo engines. But, if you are going to worry about them and if it will keep you from driving long distances, you may want to have them done eventually. You would want to pull the motor to do head gaskets. Doing any of the other gaskets really don't have much to do with the head gaskets, other than the minor step of removing the valve covers, so you are not really saving any time or money by doing head gaskets now if they are perfectly fine. Based on my past experience with turbo head gaskets, if your engine really only has 50,000 miles on it, I wouldn't worry about head gaskets other than some weird instance if the engine was overheated in the past. Probably not likely though.
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